There have been many paths which took me to a some unknown pastures. I have been a dreamer floating off in so many worlds that it really took me a long time to know what my real longing is. I have now come to understand why I have had so much time of preparation, along paths that were thrilling and adventurous.

I have found myself; I have understood what I really want.

I have come to know that my mind is quite capable of spinning all my ideas into words, and hey, I have real great ideas!

Writing, which was a hobby of mine has now transformed into a passion. I started freelancing some three years ago, when it was just to while away long hours of boredom. Slowly, I started writing articles in many niches. I have written more than five hundred articles.

Some General Niches

Some niches I have covered are interiors, travel, hotel descriptions, health, alternative medicine such as chiropractic healing, yoga, meditation, drugs, medical descriptions, about us pages, geography including renewable resources such as solar energy, wind and hydro energy, beauty tips, child care, sleep apnea, flower arrangement, flower delivery, sleep aid, photography, Nikon cameras, and many more.

Technical Content

I have written technical content on topics such as database, distributed computing, DVD I cables, ERP, GPU, HVPE, software distribution, programming, and so on.

Product Description

I have written a number of product descriptions part of marketing collateral, such as description of various drugs and their functions, laptop 13 sleeve, Vintage Kitchen Canisters, Dresser with mirror, Hard truck wheels, Alfred Dunner pants, cookie jar collectibles,23 inch monitor, apple i phone, coasters for drinks, etc

Academic Writing

My academic writings include dissertations for MBA courses, especially Clinical Personnel Management, Management development training, Lignin degradation, Bacteriophages, dissertations for Microbiology papers, food sterilisation, Street theatres, astronomy, etc.

My strong points are  my dedication, hard work  and my family that gives me real strength and drives me towards success.

Menaka Bharathi


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