Warning! Natural Best Stop Smoking Methods

Turning cold feet to smoking is the most difficult step any person who has been a smoker for some time would face. There are a number of methods that claim to make you to quit the habit. You find a number of natural methods as well as medications that give you very high percentage of results found on other smokers.

The traditional Cold turkey method

Well, this is an article that is aimed at Warning! Natural Best Stop Smoking Methods, as they popularise themselves to be are not actually so. Take such as the cold turkey method. This is the method that has been a fascination to many smokers; it shows how great your will power is and gives an impression of quitting smoking once for all. But the ground reality is not so. A nominal 3% of smokers have only been found to have really quit, while the rest 97% people revert back to smoking.

Age old Herbal Products

There are other herbal products that are available in the market that make the best grounds to offer serious Warning! Natural Best Stop Smoking Methods. These products, being herbal in origin do not have any proven clinical tests or exact method of how they stop you from smoking. Everyone is aware of the addictive nature of nicotine, a drug that could make you turn away from this addiction has to be quite powerful, and most herbal medications have not been found to do so in completion.

It is very difficult to train one’s mind to totally say no to a habit that involves an addictive drug like nicotine. The most difficult part is to follow such a decision. There are a number of problems like physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that are associated too, when you try to quit smoking suddenly. Hypnotism which is used as another natural method to quit smoking too has some failure too.


It is always necessary to see both pros and cons of any method that have claims of their own. Allopathic medicine gives combined effect on all side effects also during the course of treatment to quit smoking. Warning! Natural Best Stop Smoking Methods is necessary in cases where people follow an alternative medicine on their own. However, trained and skilled practitioners of alternative medicine do offer good results to quit smoking. What they oversee is that, each person reacts differently to a drug. The quantities and doses thus have to be different and must be individualised.

Better methods

With such Warning! Natural Best Stop Smoking Methods, it becomes necessary to suggest some better ways to stop smoking. Well, one may consider the slow reductions in consumption of nicotine training your mind and body for quitting it completely with proper consultation of a physician. You can also consult specially trained doctors in this discipline for remedy.

Smoking may look stylish and simple to start, but quitting it is very difficult and involves dedication and will power, more than medication.


Burning Belly Fat with Food

“Fat is out Slim is in” that’s the latest mantra! Exercises, Crash diet, Gym, Walking are few examples with which one can lose yourbelly fat. But what if a person does not have time for such activities, no problem we will tell you how. Yes! There are fat burning foods which help to lose belly fat. These are the most natural foods that speed up the metabolism in your body.

Mentioned below are 10 best fat burning foods that help in reducing your belly fat.

Coffee:  As everyone knows, coffee contains caffeine that has great effects on belly fat, this caffeine increases metabolism by 15%. Hence resulting in burning 30-50 extra calories reducing belly fat. With no change in your routine this is a loss!

Eggs:  This food is high in protein and keeps you full for long hours by curbing hunger. A woman having eggs for breakfast lossesbelly fat twice as the one having something else with the same amount of calories.

Cauliflower: This is very low in calories, good filler there by reduces intake. It is an exceptional source of vitamin C. You are sure to lose a lot of belly fat, with regular intake of cauliflower.

Garlic:  It is excellent for heart patients. Taking garlic dissolves fat, and of course belly fat and cholesterol, it also reduces appetite.

Lentils:  Protein and iron are essential to stabilize glucose level in blood and prevent secretion of insulin, which results in storing fat in the body and particularly the belly fat. Lentils have both protein and iron.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes releases hormone called cholecystokinin which increases satiety and in turn reduces the daily intake of calories a must to cut belly fat

Cinnamon:  A natural sweetener, this could be put in coffee or tea which lowers the level of blood sugar, reduces insulin secretion. Just half a teaspoon added to your daily milk will help the metabolism process and has an effect on belly fat.

Turmeric: Very often used in Indian dishes. This has beta carotene, which is an antioxidant. Turmeric protects the liver from harmful effect of free radicals and helps burn fat especially belly fat.

Cayenne pepper:  A spice which tastes hot reduces excess insulin, increases metabolism reducing belly fat, and reduces blood sugar in the body.

Vinegar:  This has zero calories so no increase in belly fat. Few people having apple cider vinegar in their meals had increased satiety and balances blood glucose level.

So, what are you waiting for, just include all these 10 best foods in your daily meals and stay in that perfect shape. Stay healthy and fit!