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Brian Corbin and MLB news blog

Brian Corbin is a name that is quite familiar to baseball fans.

Very few people have the gift of having their career associated with the game of their interest; Brian is one among such people.

“Baseball is more than a pass time for him, it is his passion”, would be the words of any of his close friends. He almost worships the game and is now with Chicago Cubs, following their every move.

He was crazy about baseball when he was a student that he learned all the aspects of the game and the fine technicalities involved in it. This gave him an edge over other sports fans and made him a host in media.

Brian Corbin began his career in the radio at Ohio University, very modestly. The course of work took him to the 1510 ESPN radio.

The passion with which he followed baseball was astonishing and it took him to great heights. He has worked for Ohio Sports Network as the studio host, reported to a local news paper working independently as a freelance blogger and also for the Cincinnati reds.

He now is head over heels in covering the Chicago Cubs. You can have his regular updates in the Bleacher Report and on the Sports Blog Net. The Chicago Sun-  the web pages tat is an off shoot of the Times News Group has also published many of his work in their pages.

He has so much liking to the Cubs that he and his words have become inseparable from the team. So much so that he is now the Charter Member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, specially so, is the president of his favourite Cubs’ chapter.

Completing trading at the Wrigneyville bars for Bristros of Andersonvile, Brian has now moved to Edgewater, from where he now blogs on baseball and has separate fan following too.


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